Peter Jackson Says He’ll Direct Doctor Who Episode For Free – Fans Say Let Him Have At It Already!!

Doctor Who fans who are just desperate for legendary Tolkien franchise director Peter Jackson to be given a chance to sit at the helm and direct his own Doctor Who episode can take yet more hope from the latest developments to emerge.

It turns out that Peter Jackson is so eager to direct an episode of the iconic series that he has said that he is willing to do it for free!!! The Jackson/Doctor Who rumor began late last year. Back in September of 2012 Doctor Who star Matt Smith told an NZ newspaper that he’d love to film an episode of the series in New Zealand and it would be great if Peter Jackson would direct. The newspaper then contacted Jackson who expressed his desire to hop into the Tardis.

In a recent interview with EW, the award winning director said that he had met with Doctor Who head honcho Steven Moffat over Christmas and made his intentions clear. He said;

“They don’t even have to pay me, but I have got my eye on one of those nice new gold-colored Daleks. They must have a spare one (hint, hint).”

We all know that the BBC’s budget isn’t what it used to be, but surely they can afford to give Jackson a gold-colored Dalek to add to his collection. Jackson was photographed with his Doctor Who memorabilia for the interview and we think a gold-colored Dalek simply belongs in that image!!

Entertainment Weekly then contacted Moffat and explained the terms of Jackson’s most generous offer, however Moffat remained tight-lipped and refused to comment as to whether he’d be willing to let Jackson direct an episode.

Moffat said; “You’d never get any information like that out of me! We’re theoretically on board for anything provided we’ve got a great story.”

So, he didn’t deny it and given that Moffat likes keeping as much about the series as clandestine as possible, we think it is a strong possibility that Jackson’s wish will be granted!!

Honestly, will they just let him have at it already!!

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