Peter Cooper’s Custom Made Halo Warthog For Sale

Back in 2009 Peter Cooper and a few other Halo fanatics started working on a Halo fan film entitled Operation Chastity. For the production, Cooper and some of the production team created this awesome Warthog you see pictured. The design was based on the Warthog LRV from the Halo games that belonged to superhuman Spartan Master Chief John-117. However the Warthog built for the fan film Operation Chastity was intended to be used by the Marines of the 267th Division as they battled alien invaders trying to take over the world.

It appears that Cooper is reluctant to sell the modded vehicle that he put so much time and effort into creating, but has been forced to do so because he can no longer afford to keep it.

He hasn’t given an exact price, but has simply asked people to contact him with “reasonable offers”. Which is a little vague perhaps, but I guess he’s playing his cards close to his chest to see what kind of figures people come up with. According to the information on his Twitter feed, the vehicle isn’t road legal, so you don’t need a valid driving license to tear around in it on private land, but we reckon having a little road experience before jumping behind the wheel of this monster buggy wouldn’t necessarily be such a bad idea!

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