Pentagram Bikini: For Sunbathing Goth Girls Who Want Satanic Tan Lines!

Though the idea of a sunbathing Goth might be a bit of a contradiction in terms, just in case one does or two of you do exist and fancy some sexy satanic tan lines, Alyx Suttle owner of Etsy store MASSblack is offering this Pentagram Bikini!

Suttle is marketing the item as something for the “Goth girl who wants some serious Satanic tan lines” and says that it is a fully functioning bikini, that is flattering, easy to put on and pairs well with pretty much anything…except Christianity I guess!

If you fancy a Pentagram embossed cleavage, then head over to her Etsy store, where the unusual item is up for grabs for just $55 – so you won’t have to sell your soul to the devil to be able to afford it!

Alternatively, if you are not a Goth, but are looking for a beachwear item to disturb well-to-do-folk and stop them ruining your sunbathing tranquility with their snotty-nosed, sand-kicking, wailing, hyperactive kids, then this could also be the item to make sure they park up a safe distance from your sun-lounger!

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