Undercover Lover: PC Who Is Suing The Met For Letting Him Fall In Love With An Activist!

Undercover police officer Mark Kennedy, 43, is suing Scotland Yard for damages of £100,000 because they did nothing to stop him falling in love with an activist whilst he was in an undercover role as an eco-warrior.

He wants the damages for “personal injury” and “consequential loss and damage”. 10 women and 1 man, (3 of the women were lovers of Kennedy) are also suing the met for emotional trauma!

Kennedy’s landmark case is scheduled to be heard by the British High Court next year.

Ex-undercover PC Mark Kennedy

Kennedy claims that his superiors knew he was engaging in sexual intercourse with the women in the group he was sent to spy on when he was assumed the undercover alias Mark Stone, a tattooed climber sent to infiltrate the environmental activism group.
He said they turned a blind eye to this fact, because of the intelligence he was providing, but should have done more to stop him falling in love. Kennedy fell in love with one of the activists, a red-haired Welsh woman who he first started sleeping with in 2004 and lived with from 2005 until 2010 when he was exposed.

Kennedy was undercover as Stone for 8 years and worked for the highly secretive National Public Order Intelligence Unit and cost the taxpayer something in the region in of £250,00 annually in wages and expenses.

He is now divorcing his wife Edel and after his cover was blown, he plunged into a deep depression – started drinking and self-harming and claims his condition has been diagnosed as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He has since started working for a private security firm and splits his time between Britain and America, however he claims that he still has to “watch his back.”

Mark Kennedy went undercover as an eco-warrior for eight years, is now divorcing his wife, Edel

Kennedy’s cover was blown last year when a trail against the activists who allegedly planned to occupy a power plant in Nottinghamshire, fell apart. Tapped evidence that Kennedy had using a hidden microphone that could have cleared the men was not presented in court.

He said: “The police had access to all my phone calls, texts and emails, many of which were of a sexual and intimate nature.
They knew where I was spending the night and with whom. They did nothing to prevent me falling in love. When my cover was blown it destroyed my life. I lost my job, my girlfriend and my reputation. I started self-harming and went to a shrink who diagnosed me with post-traumatic stress syndrome. The blame rests firmly at the feet of my superiors at the Met who had a duty to protect me.”

The 10 women and 1 man also suing the met for damages – with 3 of the women being Kennedy’s ex-lovers, want compensation for the emotional trauma they experienced.

Their lawsuit states that “the men…. used techniques they had been trained in to gain trust and thereby create the illusion they might be a “soulmate” to the women. There is no doubt that the officers obtained the consent of these women to sexual intercourse by deceit.”

Source: Daily Mail

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