ParaNorman Zombies: The Unlikely Olympians

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if zombies were allowed to enter the Olympic Games? I mean it kinda makes sense, everyone else is allowed to take part, so why shouldn’t the flesh-gobbling undead get their shot at an Olympic Gold?

These two clips Olympic TV spots show a couple of zombies from ParaNorman, the latest creation to come from Laika studios, taking part in the Olympic Games…and they don’t seem to do too badly!

ParaNorman, is set for release on August 17th and is the tale of a small town that gets overrun by zombies. The residents of the town have one hope and one hope alone, and that is the misunderstood local boy, ParaNorman. See ParaNorman has an uncanny gift and is able to converse with the undead. In order to try and save his town, he must take on all sorts of ghoulish foes as well as zombies, including ghosts, witches and of course the dreaded grown-ups – who just can’t help but meddle in matters that they do not understand!

Kodi Smit-McPhee voices our protagonist ParaNorman and others who lend their voices to the film include Casey Affleck, Tempestt Bledsoe, Jeff Garlin, John Goodman, Bernard Hill and Anna Kendrick.

This 3D stop-motion comedy-horror is the second 3D feature from Laika, the first being the Academy Award winning Coraline.

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