Artist Gives Disney’s Paperman a Couple of Fandom Crossovers


People have really taken a shine to Paperman, the six minute black and white 3D hand drawn/computer animated short that first appeared in 2012 before Wreck-It Ralph. This short won the Academy Award for Bets Animated Short Film at the 2013 Oscars, marking Disney’s first win for an animated short film since It’s Tough to be a Bird back in 1969.

Going off of Paperman‘s popularity, Eddie Snow has started his own Paper Series artwork on his Deviantart account. The series, so far, contains four different images. Each one portrays Meg, the female lead in Paperman, striking the same pose with the same background behind her. How each image differs is who she’s with. We see Meg standing next to a variety of different characters: a cocktail holding-iron suit clad Tony Stark, a charming Captain Kirk in the foreground and a logical Spock behind, the ever suave Don Drapper, and an intrigued Brock Samson. The combination of this Disney short with Iron Man, Star Trek, Mad Men, and Venture Bros is perfect, and it’s such a treat to see each of these well known characters from different fandoms drawn in the Paperman style.

The latest one (the Venture Bros image), was uploaded to Deviantart two days ago, so there’s definitely a chance we haven’t seen the last of the Paper Series. Fingers crossed Snow does a Breaking Bad themed image next!


Paper Venture Bros


Paper Star Trek


Paper Iron Man


Paper Mad Men

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