Amateur Bosnian Goalkeeper Plays Full Game Despite Having 9mm Bullet Lodged In His Head!!

One of the biggest complaints about football/soccer (I’m from the UK so it’s football to me) from fans of other sports, is that the players can often be big giant pansies, rolling around on the floor and feigning injury after the slightest hint of contact from an opponent. And while you can’t argue that this is true for many of the stars in the game, there is no denying that some footballers are hard as nails and will carry on slogging through despite picking up some horrifically painful injuries.

One Bosnian amateur footballer reaffirmed this, by playing out an entire match after being shot in the head and had a 9mm bullet lodged there for the duration!!! The 51-year-old goalkeeper Duško Krtalica didn’t realize he’d been shot but did complain of a headache. He played on assuming that the reason he was suffering a wee bit, was because he’d knocked his head against a goal post whilst making a save – however the reality was a little bit different! Continue Reading

R2-D2 Birthday Cake That Projects Hologram Of Princess Leia Delivering Infamous Message

Writing for this site, I’ve seen some pretty damn incredible popular culture inspired cakes. Some of those are made by professionals, others are made by dedicated family members who will go to great lengths just to see a smile on their loved ones face!

But I can honestly say that I haven’t seen anything quite as impressive as this R2-D2 birthday cake which as well as being an awesome recreation of that loveable droid, also projects a hologram of Princess Leia delivering that infamous message! It was created by Marc Freilich for his son Alexander’s 6th birthday party and we have to say that he is one incredibly lucky kid!! Continue Reading

‘Lets Caffe’ – The Coffee Shop With A Printing Machine That Uses Your Face For Latte Art!

Coffee art is a medium that seems to be growing in popularity and we’ve seen some brilliant artistic masterpieces created out of our beloved cup of hot caffeine. I was particularly fond of the Grumpy Cat latte that was doing the rounds of the net a few months ago and the incredible temporary masterpieces created by NYC barista Mike Breach.

But man-made coffee art is incredibly time-consuming and let’s face it, not every barista is going to be lucky enough to have that sort of artistic talent at their disposal, but of course technology has the answer – a printing machine that can do it for you! Continue Reading

Lesbian Couple Hold Wedding Ceremony Across The Road From The WBC Headquarters!

This video footage is of lesbian couple Kimberly Kidwell and Katie Short from Little Rock, Arkansas holding their wedding reception in Topeka, Kansas. The ceremony took place in the rainbow-colored Equality House, which is located across the street from the headquarters of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), who if you didn’t already know are one of the most aggressively anti-gay churches in the whole of the U.S.

As you would expect from WBC, signs and placards carrying their usual messages of vitriolic hateful bullshit were put up around the headquarters, but Kidwell and Short said that it did not affect their big day! Continue Reading

Transgender 6-Year-Old In Civil Rights Victory That Rules She Is Allowed To Use Girls WC

Transgender Coy Mathis, 6, was at the center of a crucial civil rights victory after she was barred from using a Colorado school’s girls’ bathroom and told to start using the little boys’ room instead.

Coy was born as a boy, but soon identified herself as a girl, she dresses like a girl and is treated as one in the classroom with teachers and other students using female pronouns when talking to her.

At first she was allowed to use the girls’ restroom at her elementary school, Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain, however back in December the school decided that Coy should use the boys’ bathrooms, a staff bathroom or the nurse’s bathroom instead. Continue Reading

Nathan Sawaya’s Incredible Lego Sculpture Exhibition Opens In New York

Every time I think I’ve seen the absolute pinnacle of masterpieces that can be created with Lego, I’ll stumble upon a creation that once again manages to take my breath away. After seeing the epic Lego Hogwarts a few months ago, I thought to myself that it was unlikely I’d be so impressed by another piece of Lego art for a long while.

But then I saw some of artist Nathan Sawaya’s incredible Lego sculptures that are currently being exhibited at the Times Square Discovery Museum and I was awestruck! Continue Reading

British Councilor Claims He Has Alien Love Child & Is Beamed Up For ET Sex!

Simon Parkes, a Labour councilor for Whitby town council in North Yorkshire, UK, has claimed to be the father of a child called Zarka with a “Cat Queen” alien, who he meets up with for extra-terrestrial sex 4 times a year.

Parkes, 53, made these outlandish claims on a Channel 4 documentary – ‘Confessions of an Alien Abductee’.

He claims that his wife isn’t too happy about his infidelity with his alien lover, however he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong because “it is not a human level”. Continue Reading

New Nokia Advert Implies iPhone Users Are Zombies

Nokia has taken a side-swipe at Apple in the latest advert for the new Nokia Lumia 925 which implies that iPhone users are all brain-dead zombies! The Nokia 925’s tagline reads “The best pictures in any light. Even without the flash” hinting that the 925’s camera is waaaay superior compared to the iPhone’s camera that will make people look like zombies with pale skin and nasty red eyes!
The Lumia 925 boasts a 4.5 inch screen, an 8.7 megapixel camera and a Glance Screen that shows always shows the time.

In the commercial, our human protagonist walks down a street as shuffling, cumbersome undead brain-eaters begin to emerge from the shadows. He shies away, with fear and panic in his eyes as one washed-out rocker-looking zombie tries to take a picture of him!Continue Reading

Meet Theo The Half-Siamese Moggy That Is An Accomplished Cat Burglar!

Theo the thieving cat
Paul Edwards and his girlfriend Rachel Drouet first realized that their beloved moggy Theo, a 3-year-old Siamese cross, had a bit of a kleptomania problem when they started noticing cat toys around the house that they knew they had not purchased themselves.

It started with cat toys, but before long all manner of objects started turning up in their abode, including fluffy pens, a phone charger, gardening gloves, a packet of crisps, some children’s artwork and a clown glove puppet! They realized that their cat had been somehow getting into their neighbors homes and pilfering their property! Continue Reading

Londoners At Threat From The Perils Of Exploding Pavements!

As if Londoners didn’t have enough crap to be worrying about, like ridiculous property rental rates, exorbitant house prices, the fear of being mugged, raped, murdered or pillaged in some of the rougher areas and the shitty weather, we now have a new danger to fear!

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has warned that there is a growing risk of death or injury from exploding pavements! Continue Reading