Instagramimaton – A Stop Motion Short Created With More Than 1,600 Instagram Pics!

Filmmakers Paul Cummings and Eriq Wities (from Friends in Faux) have creating an interesting little short entitled “Instagramimaton” which they describe as a “stop motion adventure through the world of Instagram.”

The short was made up using more than 1,600 individual Instagram photographs and interested parties can also view each individual picture online. Cummings and Wities also made a behind-the-scenes video which explains the various steps of the process they used to create “Instagramimaton” which is pretty intriguing. Continue Reading

U.S Daredevil Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon Tightrope Walk Will Give You The Head Spins!

This amazing footage is of U.S. daredevil Nik Wallenda, 34, completing an astonishing quarter of a mile walk across the Grand Canyon, without a safety harness!! Watching Wallenda make his way across the 2-inch thick cable, 1,500 above the Little Colorado River Gorge really will give you the head spins and certainly won’t help if you are suffering from Mondayitis or a hangover!!

Wallenda took 22 minutes to complete the extraordinary stunt, during which he had to crouch down a couple of times on the wire in order to get “the rhythm out of the rope” as strong winds threatened his balance.

When he neared the end of his journey, Wallenda confidently jogged the last few meters and his incredible feat was broadcast live on the Discovery Channel. Continue Reading

Awesome Scuttling Lego Strandbeest Inspired By Creations Of Theo Jansen

Check out this awesome (and somewhat creepy) scuttling Lego Strandbeest that was created by designer Jason Allemann.

Allemann’s scurrying creation, complete with little minifig at the helm was inspired by the Strandbeest designs of renowned sculptor Theo Jansen.

Watch as it scuttles around the place on its spindly little legs like a creepy Lego insect that you really hope doesn’t turn up behind the shower curtain! Continue Reading

Game Of Thrones Favorites Get Online Dating Profiles

Anyone who watches Game of Thrones know that the main characters are often a little bit too busy to concern themselves with the frivolities of dating, there’s just too much murder, betrayal, treason, incest and backstabbing to bother worrying oneself with trying to find a significant other.

Though the main characters don’t seem to have much trouble getting laid, the hilarious folks over at Team Pwnicorn decided to give them a hand finding more meaningful relationships and created them some brilliantly funny online dating profiles!

So if you saw these profiles on an online dating site, who would you be inclined to want to wine and dine? Continue Reading

“Life On Bitcoin” Documentary Reaches Kickstarter Goal!

The Kickstarter project for “Life On Bitcoin”, a documentary film where newlyweds Austin Craig and Beccy Bingham will attempt to live for 90 days using only the digital currency, has reached its funding target of 70,000 with 16 days to go!

The couple were hoping to raise the funds to help them create this interesting documentary, which will see them only use Bitcoin to purchase living essentials like food and fuel as well as using it to pay their rent and take a road trip! Continue Reading

French Mom Caught Out In Audacious Plot To Sit Daughter’s Pre-University Exam!

A French mom, known only as Caroline D, faces a 3-year prison term and fines of up to 9,000-euro (£7,700) after her audacious scam to sit her 19-year-old daughter’s pre-university English exam was uncovered by an eagle-eyed invigilator!

According to reports Caroline D, 52, caked on the make-up, wore Converse and low-cut jeans in a grandiose attempt to pass herself off as her 19-year-old daughter Laetitia and sit the crucial pre-university test, the Bacchalauréat which is France’s A Level equivalent examination. Continue Reading

Crazy Naked Subway Dude Can’t Decide If He’s A Fighter Or An Olympic Gymnast!

I usually try and avoid public transport at all costs, primarily because I am lazy, I do not like body odor and because all the wackos that use it usually decide they want to be my best friend for the duration of my journey!

But sometimes public transport really can be thoroughly entertaining, especially when you are watching events unfold from the comfort of your laptop and the crazy naked dude isn’t trying to drape his pecker down your leg! Continue Reading

Childhood Memories Ruined: Disney Movies Given “Honest” Titles!

If you fancy having your fond memories of all your favorite classic Disney movies ripped out of your heart and repeatedly stabbed in the face until they are ruined, then check out these “honest” movie titles given to your old favorites by the folks over at! So Beauty and the Beast becomes “Stockholm Syndrome” and The Little Mermaid becomes “Change for your Man” while The Lion King is really just Hamlet with Animals!!

These “honest” titles allude to some of the more “disturbing content” lurking beneath the surface of our childhood favorites and certainly make you see them in a different light. Continue Reading

Store Bought Wedding Card Translated For Personalized, Profound Marital Tips!

Store bought cards with their cheesy, hackneyed messages for whatever occasion can be incredibly dull and unimpressive, so one wedding guest decided to translate one of these cards to liven it up a little and did a pretty darn good job of it.

Images of the card were posted to Reddit by danideahl with the heading “sage wedding advice from our friends” and it really does contain some insightfully profound pearls of wisdom. Well, that’s how I perceive them to be, I’ve never been married, but it seems like sound advice to me! Continue Reading

Giant Pet Snake That Can Switch On Lights & Open Doors

This footage is of Julius, an albino Burmese python, who has somehow figured out how to open doors and switch on lights. According to her owner Jenner, Julius was “bored of being in a dark room” so “she flips on the light, opens the door and bails”. Run, run for your lives!!

After hearing a loud thump whilst in bed one night and realizing their home hadn’t been invaded by zombies they eventually figured out what their pet snake was up to. Now they have to keep the doors locked apparently, so Julius doesn’t go harassing the neighbors!! If I was their neighbor, I’d be seriously considering moving house! Continue Reading