Only In Japan: Hello Kitty Melons For Sale At $50 Each!!

In what can only be described as a nefarious plan to take advantage of those who are obsessed with Hello Kitty and have more money than sense, gourmet food specialty shop Belluna are selling melons with the infamous cat’s countenance etched into the rind!!

Oh and if you want one, you had better hurry, because they are limited edition! Apparently only 300 Hello Kitty melons will be up for grabs and they will be on sale until July 31st or until stocks last! They are available online by gourmet food specialty shop, Belluna.Continue Reading


Introducing Mia Grace – The 4-Year-Old With An Incredible Knowledge Of The Marvel Universe!

Comic book and superhero geeks will simply love this awesomely cute video featuring a Q&A between 4-year-old Mia Grace and her dad on the Marvel Universe, during a car journey to the store!

This adorable little girl knows a hell of a lot about Marvel superheroes and her manner and demeanor are totally cute too, asking her dad to repeat a question so that she can get it right!

From the substance that Captain America’s shield is made out of, to Iron Man’s nearest and dearest, little Mia is a professional superhero geek in the making!!Continue Reading


Wanted Criminal Taunts Police With “Catch Me If You Can” Message, Is Caught 12 Hours Later!

As far as stupid maneuvers go, 19-year-old Sam Greenwood’s decision to taunt local police by posting a “catch me if you can” message on their Facebook page from his own account, is up there with the best of them!!

Greenwood, 19, was convicted of driving whilst disqualified and without insurance and locked up earlier in the year. After he was let out, he breached the conditions of his release and failed to turn up to probation service meetings. So Greater Manchester Police Rochdale North posted a mugshot of the unruly teen on their Facebook page with an appeal for information on his whereabouts.Continue Reading


FFTF Campaign To Free Teenage Rapper Charged As A Terrorist & Held Without Bail

Activist organization Fight For The Future and the Center for Rights have launched a campaign to see 18-year-old Methuen teenager Cameron D’Ambrosio freed.

D’Ambrosio was arrested at the beginning of May after fellow students at Methuen High School reported lyrics that he posted on his Facebook page that were said to contain “disturbing verbiage”.

The amateur YouTube rapper had allegedly posted lyrics to his Facebook page where he threatened to outdo the Boston bombers and made reference to the White House as a “federal house of horrors.”Continue Reading


“Cat Beards” The Internet’s Latest Wacky Photo Meme Fad!!

So it seems that the latest wacky photo fad phase capturing the hearts, minds and lunchbreaks of internet users all over the world is “cat beards” – the art of positioning a feline in front of one’s face in such a way that that the kitteh’s furry chin looks as though it is part of the human subject’s facial hair!

I guess no one is especially surprised that cats are involved again, are they? Continue Reading


Epic Gameboy Cake Featuring Zelda On The Screen!

Check out this absolutely superb Gameboy cake that features Zelda on the screen! An image of the colossally epic cake was posted in the subreddit /r/gaming by redditor elsewhere1 with the title “Gameboy + Zelda + Cake = win” so you can work out by that, that he thought the cake was pretty darn impressive.

It seems the internet has been pretty impressed with it too, as the image of the cake has been viewed more than 230,000 times in just 7 days.

It is a fairly large sized cake too, so theoretically it could provide sustenance for a major Zelda gaming session!!


Tina, 14, With An Awesome Rendition Of Van Halen’s “Eruption” Guitar Solo!

Check out teenage guitar prodigy Tina, 14, doing an incredibly awesome rendition of infamous Van Halen guitar solo Eruption. Wow, just wow, this girl has some immense talent!!

It seems like you guys think so too, because this video of Tina strumming the shit out of her guitar has gone viral, receiving over a million YouTube views in just a few days!

Next I want to see her take on some Led Zeppelin or Slash Solos!

Source: HyperVocal


Man Gives His Honeymooning Brother’s Home A Mr. Blobby Colors Makeover In Revenge Prank!

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold and that was certainly the case for Russell O’Rourke who waited 6 years for the perfect opportunity to exact revenge on his brother Steve!

See Steve, who is a builder had pulled a sneaky prank on his brother while he was honeymooning 6 years ago and put a brick wall up over his driveway whilst he was away. Continue Reading


Korean Guy Evades Indecent Assault Conviction Because Of His Masturbation Style In Gangnam!

In what can only be described as an utterly WTF story, a Korean dude managed to evade an indecent assault conviction because of the way in which in masturbated!!

Last year, a celebrity manager, who has not been named, so for the sake of this story we’ll call him Mr. Wank, followed a woman in her office in posh Gangnam area of Seoul, which many of you will have heard of because of that stupid song by Korean rapper Psy that just wouldn’t go away.

Once inside the woman’s office, Mr. Wank started masturbating directly in front of the woman, who clearly wasn’t expected such an eyeful and began screaming in shock. She also started hurling stationary and other office supplies at the guy and obviously being hit with a stapler and suchlike put him off his game, so after about 30 seconds he stopped what he was doing and ran away. Continue Reading


London’s Machete Attack & The Disturbing Interview Given To Eyewitnesses

Yesterday Woolwich, in South London was host to one of the most brutal, savage scenes of violence many of us will ever see in our lifetimes.

A man, who has since been confirmed to be a British soldier who was wearing a “Help for Heroes” t-shirt, was set upon by two machete-wielding maniacs and hacked to death in front of dozens of shocked witnesses, some of which tried to intervene to stop the horrific incident that took place near to Woolwich Army Barracks. The family of the man murdered in this horrific attack has requested that his identity not be made public at this stage.

Both of the attackers were later shot by an armed response unit and are both in hospital being treated for their injuries at an undisclosed hospital. One is said to be in critical condition. Police recovered several knives and a gun from the scene. Initial reports suggest that the men were British with Nigerian connections. Continue Reading