Over-Excited Dr Who Fan Makes Guess Who Game Dedicated To Show

Doctor Who fanatic Karen Kavett decided that she loved the cult television show so much that she didn’t want to play regular Guess Who any more, but wanted a board game dedicated to the time-travelling Doctor and all the weird and wonderful people and creatures he meets whilst bouncing from place to place in his Tardis.

Slightly off-topic but I wonder if Doctor Who has to pay the congestion charge for his Tardis when he goes into central London during peak times? Answers on a postcard to PO BOX…

Kavett purchased an old style version of the game from eBay, because she wanted the model she used to have that quintessentially 80s feel to it, then proceeded to paint, print out and modify the game so that all aspects of it were entirely Doctor Who orientated.

She even went to the effort of painting the little yellow sticks that indicate when you have won a round to resemble the sonic screwdriver. Yes, my friends, this is one fan with far too much time on their hands!

For those of you who are have watched the ‘Making Of’ video and the parody commercial for Kavett’s game but can’t quite be bothered to go to all that effort to make a board of your own, there is another alternative. At the end of the clip, Kavett lets us in on a little secret, revealing that in order to use the game she so lovingly created she will need to find some friends to play with her.

So, if you want to play Doctor Who Guess Who then all you need to do is befriend this slightly excitable Doctor Who fan!

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