Ouya Android Games Console Project Raises More Than $4m On Kickstarter

Despite asking for just $950,000 to get the Ouya Android-based games console idea off the ground on Kickstarter, the Ouya project has now raised more than $4m in funds and there are still 26 days to go!

The Ouya idea is an interesting one, founder Julie Uhrman wanted to create a console for the television, one using open source technology that made it easy for developers to create games for.

She believes that smartphones and web-gaming have seen the console-for-television-gaming side of the industry decline, but believed that there was a real desire from gamers to go back there!

Judging by the speed of which the Ouya project got its requested funds and millions more, it seems like thousands of gamers out there agree with her ideas! Apparently the project coordinators are asking their supporters for ideas about what to do with the extra money – it seems like it really is a console for the people!

BoingBoing.net said: “Ouya’s pitch is pretty awesome: a handsome, blobjecty console that is built on free/open source software, free SDKs to level the playing field to developers, with no publishing, licensing or retail fees. They promise easy-to-root hardware, and warranty support for rooted systems, and openness to hacker-designed peripherals.”

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