OneSec is the Instagram for One-Second Videos


Instagram makes it easy for people to take images and then share them to their networks. So why not do the same for video? That’s what developers Francis and Vidar want to do with OneSec. It’s an iPhone app currently in development that promises to revolutionize how you capture and share your experiences–by changing the medium you’re using to capture them from photos to one-second videos.

The idea might seem weird at first, but once you take a look at it in action, you’ll eventually agree that it’s a pretty darned good idea. There’s just so much more depth to be had with videos when compared to mere pictures.

The problem with videos is that they’re a lot harder to process and edit. Now this is where OneSec comes in. The app will basically limit the videos that you take down to one second. These one-second clips are then combined to form one whole reel with the use of the OneSec app, like the one shot by Kevin Kelly:

To make the OneSec app into a reality, the duo have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for its development. If the goal is met, the app will be free for everyone to download from the iTunes App Store.

Those who help fund it will get cool perks, like a handwritten thank-you postcard from the team (for those who pledge $25) or early access and an awesome T-shirt (for those who pledge $100). Check out OneSec’s project page for more information about it and how you can help out.

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