Awesome Vids: Old Chinese Man Uses His Energy To Move Stuff

This video of an old Chinese man using Qi/Chi (or his own internal energy if you prefer) to move stuff has been an internet sensation for quite some time. Watch as the elderly gentleman, standing feet away uses his Qi to knock bricks over or spill water.

The power of Qi is something that is explored in numerous styles of Chinese martial arts. You have probably come across clips of Shaolin monks on the internet using Qi to make their bodies immune to sharp objects, or immovable.

The 84-year-old in this video claims that his Qi is so strong he can use it to manipulate objects from a distance and invited a film crew to record him in action. As you can see in the video, he seems true to his word, breaking a glass bottle, moving bricks and in what is probably the most extraordinary of all that he does – he slices his stomach with a meat cleaver and yet remains unscathed.

This video has been around for a while, yet still no one has been able to explain his extraordinary actions. I really hope it is his Qi doing that and not some sort of publicity stunt or video doctoring. I’d love to have Qi that strong, life would be a whole lot more interesting I can tell you that much!!

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