Norwegian Daredevil Pulls Off Death-Defying Stunts Over Chinese Canyon

Fearless Norwegian acrobat Eskil Ronningsbakken stunned crowds when he carried out some unbelievable, death-defying stunts whilst hanging from the Aizhai suspension bridge in China’s Hunan province. Definitely one for the “do not try this at home” collection!! Watching him in action is almost nauseating, this dude must have balls of steel!!

Ronningsbakken worked without a safety harness and performed on a beam attached to the bridge that is constructed a mind-blowing 330 metres (1,083ft) above the deep canyon!

Wearing a blue leotard, the 33-year-old dazzled crowds that had gathered to watch his mind boggling stunts as he carried out his amazingly dangerous routine!

He also showed off his super strength, balancing from a rope ladder that hung from a hot air balloon seemingly unaffected by the strong winds!

The daredevil athlete has traveled around the world showcasing his incredible stunts and has done a lot of insane stuff like walking across a tightrope suspended between two in-flight hot air balloons!

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