Nike’s Travelling Bus That Uses A Laser To Create Soccer Fields For City Kids!

As part of a campaign to promote their new soccer shoes designed for use on the street, Nike sent a bus equipped with a laser around Madrid, Spain, creating instant soccer fields with laser projections!

Working with ad agency DoubleYou, the bus traveled round to locations and where there was enough space, they created football fields for youngsters to practice their soccer skills! When a spot was chosen for a laser football pitch, a crane would elevate the laser and the pitch lines would be projected onto the chosen area.

Using an app, kids could find out where the mobile laser bus was located and head down there for a game of footy on a uniquely different kind of pitch – a virtual one!

Many kids, especially those that grow up in inner-city areas, rarely get the opportunity to play football on a proper grass football pitch, but this campaign from Nike has given them a totally different kind of opportunity to play the wonderful game!

Like so many people, I grew up playing football and am still a little bit obsessed with it if I’m honest, I would’ve love the chance to have a kickabout on a virtual pitch, so I have to say well played to Nike for this one, I think it’s an epic idea!

Source: Gizmodo

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