Nike Pulls The “Boston Massacre” T-Shirt From Stores

Nike is reported to be in the process of removing all of their “Boston Massacre” T-shirts from their outlets out of respect for Boston bombing victims.

The T-shirt, which features the word “Boston” spattered with blood, of course has nothing to do with the terrible events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon last week. It is actually a T-shirt targeted for fans of the New York Yankees and commemorates a 4-0 series of games in 1978 that the Yankees won against the Boston Red Sox which was dubbed the Boston Massacre.

After the Marathon bombing however, several people complained about the T-shirts claiming that they were in incredibly bad taste, so Nike has folded to the public pressure and is pulling the shirt from stores and online outlets.

What do you think? Did Nike make the right decision because of the allusions that can be made between the t-shirt and the marathon explosions? Leave a comment and let us know.


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