Nigel Ackland Can Now Tie Shoelaces & Deal Cards Using Bebionic3 Aka Terminator Arm!

Back in 2006, Nigel Ackland lost his arm in a terrible work accident that saw his limb caught in an industrial blending machine. He was given the prosthetic limb the Bebionic3, which many have called the world’s most advanced bionic hand, a little while back and he regularly updates his many YouTube followers on his incredible progress. The incredibly advanced prosthetic has been dubbed the “Terminator Arm” – though it’s not quite as lethal as one of Arnie’s, it is still pretty damn impressive!

The Bebionic3 has a lifelike appearance and grip patterns. It can be wirelessly programmed and tailored to suit the individual needs of the wearer. The arm is programmed to read and interpret brain signals sent by the wearer, signals that are much like those that would be used to command movement from a human arm.

Showcasing the arm’s new upgrades, Ackland demonstrates how he can now carry out tasks like tying his shoelaces or dealing cards. These tasks might seem commonplace or simple for people who have the use of both limbs, but are incredibly tricky using a prosthetic one. Yet Ackland’s “Terminator Arm” impressively handles the intricate, delicate movements needed to carry out such tasks, helping him to bring some semblance of normality back into his world.

In his latest YouTube update, Ackland asks his viewers to attempt the simple task of putting on trousers, but only using one hand. He said that attempting to do this will help people to realize just how difficult it is to function with one hand and why the Bebionic3 is so important to him.

Source: Daily Mail

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