Newspaper Design: You’re Doing It Wrong!

Check out this picture from Minnesota newspaper the Mankato Free Press that is a wonderful example of what happens when newspaper design goes terribly wrong.

In an article about the many health benefits of grapefruit, a graphic designer trying to jazz things up a little made a bit of a cock up. We can all see what the designer was trying to do with it – make it seem a little more interesting with an image of a grapefruit replacing the “G” at the start of the word, but unfortunately it didn’t work out as planned.

Grapefruit headline
Makes you wonder what the editor or sub-editor who approved the page before it went to print was doing, surely they should have noticed this glaring issue! Maybe it passed over their desk before the morning cup of coffee had been imbibed.

The paper’s publisher, Jim Santori acknowledged the blooper, stating; “Obviously, in hindsight, we would have done this differently.”
You never know though, it might have been a clever ploy to get people to actually notice the article. I bet more people read it because it was called “Rapefruit” than would’ve otherwise!

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