New Trailer For BBC’s Zombie Drama ‘In The Flesh’

A lot of the time it is the U.S. that will take successful BBC shows and produce the American spin-off version, you’ve had The Office, Being Human and Sherlock to name but a few. But this time, it appears that things have gone the other way around, with the BBC choosing to create a zombie-based series, no doubt a little inspired by the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

It’s not so much spin-off however, as the BBC has put a unique angle on the bloody, gory zombie genre.

Instead of recreating a battle-centric series based on people bitterly fighting for survival during a zombie onslaught, the series, entitled “In The Flesh” looks at the world four years after a zombie apocalypse has been brought under control. It looks at Britain after a cure has been found for PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) and the undead have been returned to life so to speak.
It focuses on Kieren Walker, a teenage boy with PDS who has been cured and is told that he is ready to return to the Lancashire village where he committed some unspeakable horrors! Kieren not only has to deal with the hostile reception from the townsfolk but has to face his own demons and harrowing guilt too.

As PDS sufferers try to reintegrate into a society that hates them, the government passes the PDS Protection Act, intended to promote tolerance towards those who suffered with the disease. But as you can imagine, not everyone is ready to forgive and forget.

On the other side of the coin, you have the Human Volunteer Force (HVF) a violent, angry and passionately anti-zombie group who are hellbent on making sure the former zombies aren’t allowed back into society.

It’s an interesting twist on the genre, for in this series it appears that the humans are the ones seeking the violence and blood, whereas the zombies are the peaceful ones just trying to get some semblance of normality back in their lives.

The 3 part series airs on Sunday March 17th on BBC Three.

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