New Google Transparency Feature Highlights Dud DMCA Takedown Requests


Last week we wrote about the numerous Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) epic fails, in which the agency would send requests to search engine giants Google asking them to take down perfectly legitimate sites for alleged copyright infringements.
Many of these sites were their own Facebook pages or IMDB listings for movies and the like. In a bid to further increase their transparency Google has launched a new feature which allows people to see when false takedown notices are received.

Google currently processes approximately a dozen million “infringing” links each month – but this new feature will let people see which of these requests are incorrect and have not been taken action against.

The new feature was rolled out last week and specifies which URLs are taken down as well as those which the DMCA falsely state are infringing.

On the URLs that Google deems to be non-infringing, the comment “no action taken” will appear. This new system highlights just how many mistakes are made by the DMCA’s automated services which often request the censorship of news websites, review sites, Facebook pages and other perfectly legal sites.

Hopefully the fact that Google is highlighting the numerous errors made by the DMCA will motivate them into making their takedown system more accurate.

Source: Torrent Freak

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