New Filipino Marine Recruits Balance Bananas On Their Heads At Lunchtime


I’ve often heard people say that you have to be a little bit bananas to join the marines but I’m pretty sure (yet not adamant) this is not quite what they meant.

This image is of some newly recruited Filipino female marines having lunch with their male counterparts inside the marine headquarters in the town of Ternate, South Manila. The marines eat their entire meal whilst balancing a banana on their heads.

Reports suggest that there is an estimated 350 female marines in the 10,000-strong Filipino marines and they have to go through the same hardcore physical and mental training as the men! Female marines have been permitted to perform many of the same duties as men since 2006.

Apparently, the act of eating with a banana on your head is all about honing balance skills.
I reckon it also teaches you the skill of not laughing when the person sitting opposite you has a banana on their bonce! I know I would find it incredibly difficult not to be overcome with a giggle fit, wouldn’t you?

Image: via Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

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