Doctor Who Fans Will Have To Wait Till The Fall To Find Out Who Will Be Matt Smith’s Replacement!

Whilst there are many Whovians who had believed they would find out which actor would be taking on the role of the infamous Time Lord in the very near future, the BBC has dashed those hopes by recently stating that the new Doctor would not be announced until August or September!

They have said that actor chosen to play the coveted character’s twelfth incarnation would not be announced until just prior to the filming of the Christmas special, likely to take place in the autumn!

This means that the rumor mill will have the entire summer to churn over the many names bantered about of who will be the one to take over the Tardis’ helm from Matt Smith!

So far, it seems that Rory Kinnear (of Skyfall and Black Mirror) appears to be a firm favorite, though Harry Potter’s Domnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley) is also in the running, while Daniel Kaluuya and Dominic Cooper have also been mentioned as possible Doctors!

Idris Elba (star of The Wire and Luther) has ruled himself out of the running after being tentatively linked to the role, stating that he’d “look silly in a bow tie” when questioned about the rumor!

If the super-adorable Lindalee Rose, (the young Doctor Who fan who has gathered an internet following with her brilliant online reviews of the cult sci fi series) has her way, Tom Baker, the actor who played the 4th Doctor would be reprising the role! But that’s highly unlikely given that he’s nearly 80-years-old now!

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