New Anti-Piracy Warnings For DVD’s & Blu-ray

Hollywood have made another move in their epic battle against the Pirates, teaming up with the federal government to make existing anti-piracy warnings on DVDs and Blu-rays more intimidating to people who might be tempted to violate copyright laws.

The article by reports that as well as updating the old warnings, which will appear on home release discs from this week, they have also included some new warnings, which they are hoping will act as a deterrent for people thinking of illegally copying the discs or uploading them to file-sharing sites.

The latest version will feature a new Homeland Security Investigations badge, an ominous reminder of just how seriously the government is taking piracy. In 2008, changes to the law meant that Homeland Security now has the power to seize control of web domains contravening copyright laws, in much the same way as property attached to other illegal activities like drug smuggling can be taken.

This new badge is a stark reminder of the agency’s new authority and appears alongside the now infamous FBI anti piracy warning badge which has been scaring pirates since 2004. Underneath these two badges a sentence warns readers that criminal copyright infringement is punishable by a 5 year jail term and fines of up to $250,000.

As if these two badges were not enough to convince you that burning a copy of Avatar for your best mate is probably not the best idea you ever had, a second warning will then appear, this time from the National Intellectual Property Center. Featuring a ferocious looking hawk, clasping onto a banner that reads ‘Protection Is Our Trademark’, the logo warns ‘Piracy is not a victimless crime. For more information on how digital theft harms the economy, please visit’

Much like the films they were designed to protect, the new logos are also copyrighted and are not in the public domain. The MPAA’s main studios have all been sanctioned to use the logos but one imagines that RIAA will also be allowed to use the logos, unless they get together with the government to concoct their own versions…

According to figures in the article US authorities seized more than 750 sites in the last two years, which they allege are guilty of copyright infringement.

Pirates Beware: DVD Anti-Piracy Warning Now Twice as Fierce (Via Wired)

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