NES Duck Hunt Gun Gets Laser Modification From North Street Labs

Those wonderful people at North Street Labs took a classic Duck Hunt light gun from the original NES and using ingenuity, a 445nm diode, some batteries and a little bit of imagination they created a Nintendo Laser gun, that no doubt many of you fantasized about owning when you were a wee nipper zapping at your TV screens whilst playing the NES!!

Watch this awesome video of the gun in action, setting alight matches from a distance and maxing out the laser meter rating meaning it’s an astonishing 2W!

Apparently, there is also a link where they show you how to create your own Nintendo laser zapper, however I am tempted to put this in the ‘do not try this at home’ category. I know if I had one of these badboys I would probably end up setting fire to the whole dang house!!

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