Nerd Dreams Calendar Specifically For Techies & Gamers On Sale Now


A group of 3 self-confessed nerds decided they’d had enough of traditional calendars, none of which they found particularly appealing or inspiring, so they took matters into their own hands to create the Nerd Dreams Calendar for 2013. They created their own company and set about making their nerdy calendar a reality.

The calendar was created to appeal to other gamers and fans of vintage technology. In order to make it happen the German trio hired photographer Anna Schnauss and models from an agency and took some fantastic shots of geeky girls posing with iconic devices like the Commodore C64, the Atari St and Steve Jobs’ NeXT Cube. They also had the models dress up like iconic video game characters like Lara Croft.

The Nerd Dreams calendar went on sale in Germany recently, but those of you living in other parts of the world who would like to get your hands on it, can order a copy on the Nerd Dreams website.

One of the brains behind the Nerd Dreams calendar was Henning Schneider, he said they wanted to make sure everything was “suitable for work” and that they “sub-contracted everything that had nothing to do with computers.”





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