NASA Announce Plans For Another Mars Rover Scheduled To Head To Red Planet in 2020

It’s been quite an amazing year for NASA, the whole world tuned in when their state of the art rover, the Curiosity successfully landed on the Red planet and began broadcasting footage back to earth.

Now, following the hype surrounding Curiosity’s mission, the space agency announced at the meeting of the loik, that they planned on constructing another rover that would make her way to Mars in 2020.

The 2020 Mars mission rover will follow in Curiosity’s footsteps (or tire tracks if you prefer) and will be charged with continuing the search for Martian life on the planet, whether that be past or present. It is also another step in the long standing NASA goal to capture samples of Martian soil to bring back to earth for analysis.

NASA administrator Charles Bolden said; “with this next mission, we’re ensuring America remains the world leader in the exploration of the Red Planet, while taking another significant step toward sending humans there in the 2030′s.”

Source: NASA

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