My Little Brony [VIDEO]

My Little Pony is a childhood toy line and cartoon fondly remembered by just about any gal that grew up in the 80s, and is now making a resurgence in popularity with today’s modern little girls as well.

What happens though, when that target market aim goes horrible astray?

This hilarious video posted just a few days ago by College Humor, famous for it’s funny and edgy parodies and spoofs, addresses the all too real creep-factor of grown fanboys playing with toys aimed at 8-year-old girls.

There’s something horribly tragic about a shelf of innocent ponies desperately warning “Run” to the two newest additions to the “collection” of this “emotionally stunted grown man.”

The film is so wrong, on so many levels, and yet I was in stitches the entire time.

“Ewww, he’s getting Cheetos dust in my mane!” whimpers a disgusted Twilight Sparkle.

“He smells like balls energy drink!” complains Pinkie Pie.

And the end… wow, can we just say “ewwww” again?

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