Best Tumblr Ever: Music History Gets The GIF Treatment

Music History in GIFs is quite possibly one of the best Tumblr’s I have ever seen. As the name suggests it goes through music history and brings iconic moments to life animated in pixilated GIF form.

It was created by Joshua Carrafa, a guitarist with Brooklyn-based band Old Monk and starts in 1964, with the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. It ends in 1993, when Prince turned into a Symbol, we’re hoping that he just hasn’t had time to catch up to the modern day and eagerly await his interpretations of what’s been happening in music since Prince became a squiggle!

He seems to have covered it all, from the Beatles iconic stroll across that infamous zebra crossing, to Johnny Cash’s notorious gig at the Folsom State Prison. One of my personal favorites is the GIF of Guns’n’Roses November Rain video, with an adorable little Slash figure up on the grand piano!

It also features his interpretation of what happened to Thin Lizzy’s Brian Robertson in the bar fight where he injured his hand and subsequently had to cancel the band’s tour of the U.S.

All the GIFs are accompanied with Carrafa’s insightful commentary on the events which just add to their comedic value! I totally love this Tumblr!

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