Mother Suing McDonald’s Claiming Her Child Found & Ate A Used Condom In Play Area!

If you thought the article about Apple’s “pee balls” was gross, just wait till you hear what happened to one poor mother in a children’s play area in a McDonald’s restaurant! It turns out that her toddlers had found a used condom on the floor of the play area and ended up ingesting it!! Ahem, WTF!!! I guess they don’t want fries with that!

Chicago mom Anishi Spencer has filed a lawsuit against fast food giants McDonald’s because she claims her toddler found and ate a used condom in the Gage Park Area restaurant play area. Not exactly what the kids were hoping to find in their Happy Meals!!

Spencer filed the suit on Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of herself and her young sons Jacquel and Jonathan Hines.

In the suit, Spencer states that she was visiting the restaurant on 4th February 2012 and claims that her sons Jonathan, then 3, and Jacquel 2, found the used condom on the floor of the play area.

She said that her youngest son Jacquel later coughed up a piece of the condom and that both her toddlers needed medical treatment after the incident.

The suit is accusing McDonalds Corp. and McDonalds of Illinois of failing in their duty to properly clear hazardous material from an area intended for children. The suit also claims that the successful fast food chain is to blame for not using CCTV or inspections to uncover “deviant activities” taking place at the restaurant.

The three-count premises liability suit claims negligence and is seeking compensation for the toddler’s medical treatment. Spencer is hoping that McDonald’s will pay out at least $50,000 in damages.

McDonald’s have so far declined to comment regarding the lawsuit.

Without trying to absolve McDonald’s of the blame in any way, I have to ask, what kind of morally bankrupt asshat would dispose of used condom in a children’s area? It is beyond repulsive and totally reprehensible.

Source: CBS

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