WTF: $576 For A Pound Of Pule Cheese Which Is Made From Donkey Milk!

Cheese is a popular delicacy and certain types of the dairy product can be pretty expensive – but I bet you didn’t know that there is one type of cheese that costs $576 a pound!!

This cheese is Pule and it is unlikely that you will have ever noticed it sitting in the dairy isle of your local supermarket (with its own armed guard) because it is extremely rare and not commercially available.

It is made in Serbia from donkey milk and was recently named the most expensive cheese in the whole world. Approximately 25 liters of donkey milk are used to make one kilo of the cheese which is white and of crumbly texture.

Mmmm sounds delicious, just what I want to spend my life savings on! Or not, is it just me or is the idea of ingesting anything made from donkey milk not that appealing?

Slobodan Simic who is head of the Zasavica donkey reserve where the Pule is made told Reuters that it would probably fetch between $1700 and $2900 a pound. He did offer up one batch for a more reasonable price of 1000 euros for a kilo (working out about $576 a pound) as a kind of promotion for the conservation work that they do.

Even at this ‘discounted’ rate, Pule still remains the most expensive cheese in the world and has been certified by the World Record Academy as such!

Source: Daily Mail

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