Morrissey’s Infamous Cat-On-Head Pic Circulating Again For PETA

The recognizable image of former Smith’s frontman Neil Morrissey pictured with a grey tabby cat perched interestingly upon his head has circulated the net for quite some time, but now it is being rolled out again to promote a PETA campaign.

The animal rights activists, who are well-known for using controversial advertising methods to get their point across, are using the Morrissey cat pic to encourage people to neuter and spay their pets.

They claim that sterilizing your faithful friends stops thousands of unwanted animals being born and helps to limit the population of strays that roam the streets trying to survive.

The PETA website said of the ad: “In his new ad for PETA, Morrissey continues his crusade for animals and asks you to help eradicate the animal overpopulation crisis by spaying and neutering your companion animals…Although no one wants to dwell on this harsh reality, Morrissey reminds us that the animal overpopulation crisis must not be ignored.”

PETA want people to sign their petition, pledging their support to practice “animal birth control.” They also encourage people who do want a pet, not to get them from breeders or pet shops when there are dozens of unwanted animals just waiting for a home in animal shelters everywhere.

Previous high profile advertising campaigns from PETA include the ‘Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom Out of Me’ video and the recent launch of their XXX site which features a number of different X-rated images that draw attention to animal cruelty.

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