More Wacky Propaganda Vids From North Korea Depicting U.S. Invasion

North Korean propaganda videos have been doing the rounds on the net in recent months, with several of them removed for copyright violation after they used images and music from video games Call of Duty and The Elder Scrolls!

As well as nabbing the content, these videos also depicted just how hostile this reclusive nation feels towards the U.S. and this latest video depicts North Korea invading the mighty North America.

This clip was one of several that have been posted online by the North Korean government and represent their efforts to utilize social media to spread their message. It was highlighted by numerous American and European media outlets as the tensions on the Korean peninsula are escalating.

It shows footage from the first Korean War and then fictional images of North Korea invading the U.S. and bombing South Korea. The videos are the best quality, but that doesn’t stop them being eerie and disturbing, especially considering that North Korea’s recent boasts that their army is ready to attack the U.S. and the Pentagon expressing fears that their missiles could actually hit America.

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