More Awful Gender Stereotyping From The Toy World

Gwen Sharp of Sociological Images recently posted this image that was sent to her from a reader called Claudia. The image was on a mailer that was sent out from by a supermarket just outside Dublin in Ireland and features a boys’ laptop and a girls’ laptop.

My first question would be – why do girls and boys need different laptops? Surely the same product would work for both gender groups?

Well, the toy makers don’t agree with that idea and created these two separate models, and guess what, the boys’ laptop has 50 functions, whereas the girls’ one has a measly 25!! This my friends, is gender stereotyping at its very best (or worst) and as Sharp points out the girls’ one “looks more like a packet of birth control pills than a laptop.”

But there is some hope I guess, not every toy maker out there is determined to force pink, fluffy stuff on girls and guns, cars and the like on boys.

Swedish toy manufacturer Top Toy recently released their Christmas catalogue with all the traditional roles reversed and Debbie Sterling recently achieved the Kickstarter target for the funding she need to get bring her engineering toy for girls’ GoldieBlox out on the market!

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