Monkey Jesus Fresco Botcher Celia Gimenez Sells Painting For Nearly $1,500

Monkey Jesus Fresco Botcher Celia Gimenez eBay

Celia Gimenez, the elderly Spanish lady who spawned the Monkey Jesus meme when she badly botched a restoration job on a 19th century Christ Fresco, has sold one of her oil paintings on eBay for nearly $1,500.

The painting was entitled “Las Bodegas de Borja” (“Borja’s Wine Cellar”) and got 52 bids on eBay with the winning bid reaching 1,080 euros/$1,421. Apparently Gimenez will be donating the proceeds of the sale to the Catholic charity organization Caritas.

Gimenez’s botched Monkey Jesus fresco became an internet phenomenon back in August– tourists even travelled to the Santuario de Misericordia church in Borja to see the terribly great painting. It has been used on t-shirts, wine bottles and even for cosplay since it first became popular.

Monkey Jesus Fresco Botcher Celia Gimenez eBay1

Just last week, the Monkey Jesus meme received a new injection of life after somebody merged the picture with that of the sheepskin coat-clad IKEA Monkey.

She was also in the news back in September after filing a copyright claim against the church. The picture’s notoriety brought them a fair bit of cash and Gimenez decided she deserved a slice of the pie.

Meh, Borja’s Wine Cellar doesn’t really do anything for me, I much preferred her “very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic” picture.

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