Mom’s Amazing Bento Character Box Lunches

Pac-Man bento

Both Boing Boing and Geekologie just featured an interesting series of pictures this week from a mom’s personal tumblr blog that she calls Lunchbox Awesome.

The mother, Heather Sitarzewski, set out on a year long project to make her son a different healthy bento lunchbox for school every day throughout the entire school year. What makes it interesting though is that almost all the bento meals are also kyaraben – a type of bento where food is arranged to look like an image, usually a character, animal, or plant.

Sitarzewski’s kyaraben bentos are predominately cartoon characters, primarily from Disney movies, but she also has made a variety of other cartoon and holiday themed lunches, all of which are amazing.

Some of her non-Disney bentos have featured such cartoons and characters as: The Lorax & The Grinch by Dr Suess, Angry Birds, Ninja Turtles, many different Muppets characters, Sponge Bob, Wallace & Gromit, Snoopy, Phineas & Ferb, Ghostbusters, Sesame Street characters, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Pac-Man, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

She’s also created a number of cute scenes with animals such as penguins and pandas, and holiday themes, making vampires, ghosts, pirates, mummies, ghouls, Santa, Rudolph, reindeer, the Easter bunny, chicks, and many, many more.

According to her most recent post, Sitarzewski is now up to Bento Day 149, and you can see all 100+ images on the blog.

WARNING: Looking at the Lunchbox Awesome blog will either make you feel a) jealous that you never got lunches this cool when you were a kid, and/or b) inadequate that don’t do something this amazing every day for your kids (if you’re a parent).

Below are a dozen of our favorites.

Angry Birds bento

Ghostbusters bento

Jack Skellington bento

Muppets bento

Lion King bento

Nightmare Before Christmas bento

Phineas and Ferb bento

pirate bento

Peanuts character bento

Sponge Bob bento

Halloween bento

Wallace and Gromit bento

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