French Mom Caught Out In Audacious Plot To Sit Daughter’s Pre-University Exam!

A French mom, known only as Caroline D, faces a 3-year prison term and fines of up to 9,000-euro (£7,700) after her audacious scam to sit her 19-year-old daughter’s pre-university English exam was uncovered by an eagle-eyed invigilator!

According to reports Caroline D, 52, caked on the make-up, wore Converse and low-cut jeans in a grandiose attempt to pass herself off as her 19-year-old daughter Laetitia and sit the crucial pre-university test, the Bacchalauréat which is France’s A Level equivalent examination.

Someone needs to tell this woman that when people say to mothers and daughters that they ‘could be sisters’ they are usually only being polite!

But audacious as it sounds, she might have gotten away with her elaborate subterfuge too (if it wasn’t for those pesky kids) because older students often take this test and it was held at an exam center not the school which her daughter attended.

However one attentive invigilator remembered seeing Laetitia sit another exam earlier in the week and this aroused suspicions, a quick check of the student’s I.D card confirmed the invigilator’s doubts and the headmaster was informed.

But rather than interrupt the exam and disturb the other students, the authorities decided to let it all carry on as normal and confronted the woman at the end. So despite the fact that her cover was blown, she was left unaware until the end and had to sit out the entirety of the 3-hour exam anyway!

A school representative said: “Intervening during the exam could have disturbed the other candidates, and created a reason to cancel the test for everyone.” So the headmaster simply informed the police who arrived on site near the scheduled end of the exam and arrested the woman!

It has been said that she confessed to the elaborate plot, saying she that she had hoped it would improve her daughter’s overall mark. Now however her daughter could end up being banned from taking all official exams for 5 years and mom could end up chucked in the slammer!

The news of this cheating scandal comes at a time when France’s Education Ministry has upped measures to catch exam cheats in action and inflict heavier punishments upon those who are caught, so this mom and daughter could well end up being made an example of!

Source: Telegraph

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