Modded H.R. Giger Mouse To Terrorize Your PC!

Check out this awesome modded H.R. Giger mouse that was created by Ramses07 using a Cooler Master CM Storm Xornet gaming mouse.

Giger is infamous for creating the terrifying creatures that burst through guts and destroy everything in their paths in the Alien movies and Prometheus as well as a number of other dark and disturbing masterpieces.

To get the Giger look, Ramses07 modified the case and covered in with hand-sculpted clay so that it would have plenty of texture, then he painted it using various shades of grey and black to add depth and darkness.

When this had dried, Ramses07 painted on a coat of glossy varnish, to give it the “mucus effect” – yes, those are his words! If you can read Hungarian and fancy trying to create your own Giger mouse then check out his blog post where he describes how it was done.

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