Minnesota Man Receives Replacement Candy 60 Years After Writing Complaint Letter


In 1952, 14-year-old Dave Bell of St. Cloud, Minnesota was eating a nut roll and was bitterly disappointed when as he bit into it, he discovered that instead of tasting the sweet, nutty treat, he was chomping on a twig!

Sothe teenager wrote a letter of complaint to Pearson Candy Co. in St. Paul explaining the incident. He did this, “to obviously get some candy.”

He received a letter of apology from the son of one of the company’s founders, but he wasn’t too bothered about the apology – he wanted the free candy and when none came with that letter, he was not exactly happy about it!

Dave BellEventually though, he forgot about the free candy until very recently, when he stumbled upon the letter some 60 years later. Bell decided to send an email to the company reminding them of the incident and bemoaning that he never did actually receive any freebies!
Just recently however, Bell, now 74, received a package that included an apology from the company AND SOME FREE CANDY BARS!! It only took them 60 years, but I guess this is one of those instances where you’ve got to say, better late than never!!

Talking to the local news about the interesting incident, Bell joked that he definitely would not be sharing any of the candy, which I think is fair enough, after all, he’s waited long enough for it!

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