Mind Reading Robot That Can Predict Our Next Moves!

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a robot that they say can predict a human’s move in order to provide assistance.

The mind-reading robot, called the PR2, is a personal robot designed by Willow Garage. It utilizes a Microsoft Kinect 3D camera to register body movements and algorithms to predict what we are going to do next. At the moment, the robot’s database is centered on household activities, so it can tell if you are going to reach for a drink or open the fridge door!

This means that the robot will be able to assist you with various menial tasks around the home. I’d love a robot that would tidy my room and do the vacuuming for me, that would be totally awesome!

Cornell Professor of computer science Ashutosh Saxena, who co-authored the research study regarding the robot, said that the project was about extracting the general principles of how people behave.

The team working on the study says that the robot’s predictions were correct 82% of the time when looking 1 second into the future, 71% of the time when looking 3 seconds and 57% for 10 seconds.

Saxena said: “The future would be to figure out how the robot plans its action. Right now we are almost hard-coding the responses, but there should be a way for the robot to learn how to respond.”

Source: Newswise

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