Microsoft Revamps “Scroogled” Campaign Against Gmail


The Microsoft “Scroogled” campaign that attacked Google and their policy to scour through Gmail users emails in order to sell targeted advertising has been revived and revamped, as Microsoft appear to be going for the jugular on the privacy issue!

The campaign, which carries the tagline “Think Google respects your privacy? Think Again,” elaborates on the way in which Google go through the body of text in emails in order to sell targeted advertising, whereas Microsoft “prioritizes privacy.”
This campaign is just the latest maneuver from Microsoft in a bid to lure users away from Google. Last year they took out full page advertisements in renowned national newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times that also criticized Gmail’s privacy policy.

Their Gmail Man spoof advert was originally just intended to be seen internally, however Microsoft decided to go public with it, posting it on their Facebook and YouTube pages.

The campaign points out that 70% of users are unaware that email providers are “reading” their emails in order to sell advertising and they claim that 88% of people are against this practice.

There was some dispute whether Microsoft where playing a game of ‘pot and kettle’ and were also guilty of “reading” emails to a certain extent after the Wall Street Journal claimed that they were tailoring adverts based on the subject lines of emails. Microsoft however has fervently denied that this is the case however and said that they do not scan subject lines of emails for target advertising.

Microsoft would not comment about the rumors that suggested the recently hired former Clinton strategist Mark Penn was the one behind the campaign, however they do seem to have a distinct political attack campaign advert vibe about them.

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