Micropolis – The Miniature City Made From 100,000 Staples

A lot of the time when you are bored in the office, it is easy to find yourself faffing around with the stationary at your desk.

Some people fill the void by using said stationary to annoy their colleagues (I’ve heard that shooting staples at people can be much fun) others get a little more artistic with the tools beneath their fingertips.

Those of you who like to get a little creative will appreciate this miniature city built using 100,000 staples by Staples Artist (interesting job description) Peter Root. It features 4-inch skyscrapers and everything in between…

The staple city is called the “Ephemicropolis” and took Root 40 hours to construct. It is located on the floor of a bank atrium in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

And I bet you thought staples were only useful for fixing a bunch of shit together so you didn’t lose it!

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