Michelle Kerrins The Mom Who Owns More Than 3,000 Trolls!

Meet Michelle Kerrins, a mother-of-one from Los Angeles who is completely and utterly obsessed with trolls owning more than 3,000 of the fuzzy-haired, googly-eyed plastic collectables! The flame-haired troll toys were one of the biggest toy fads in the 1960s and experienced several periods of resurgence, however normally it’s kids that love them, not grown women with 14-year-old daughters!

Kerrins, 38, said that her obsession began when she was just 10-years-old when her best friend gave her her first ever troll. Now her home is a homage to the wacky little creatures and she even has a “Troll Sanctuary” where she dresses up like them! Kerrins’ “Troll Sanctuary” is actually their spare bedroom, which has been transformed into a troll showroom of sorts!

Michelle and husband Dean

Michelle and husband Dean

Kerrins also has a sexy troll bikini that she wears to flirt with her husband Dean, who seems to have accepted her addiction, but draws the line when she dons the rubbery troll mask and stays well away!
Her daughter, Delaney, 14, seems more into mom’s troll addiction than her husband, helping her to clean the trolls and photograph them so that they can be catalogued.

Kerrins, who works as a gymnastics instructor, spends as much as 4 days of the weeks rummaging around flea markets and thrift stores looking for more trolls to complement her already extensive collection! She usually ends up purchasing around 3 new troll dolls each week!

Speaking on TLC’s My Crazy Obsession (where else?) Kerrins said, “Trolls make me really happy when they are all looking at me. I think they are so ugly they are cute. I like the odd things in life. I can never have enough troll dolls.”

I wonder if the trolls feel the same way about her!

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