Mexican Authorities Break Up Sex Slavery Cult Tied To “Defenders Of Christ” & Find Daunting Video


Mexican authorities have broken up a sex slavery cult which claimed that its leader was a reincarnation of Christ. As the cult was disbanded, a disturbing video has emerged which is connected to the “Defenders of Christ” which gives viewers tips on how to indoctrinate people into joining a cult.

The Nuevo Laredo-based cult, known as “Defensores de Cristo” which translates to “Defenders of Christ” have been accused of recruiting women to engage in sexual intercourse with the leader of the cult, who claimed he was the Christian savior.

According to the National Immigration Institute the women in the cult were forced to carry out sexual services including prostitution and made to do hard labor. When Mexican police raided a house in Nuevo Laredo earlier in the week they discovered countless cult members, including children living in appalling conditions. Cult members apparently tried to justify the sexual services and the labor as religious tithes.

The police raiding the house detained 14 men that included natives of Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

There is some dispute over who is the leader of the cult however. The National Immigration Institute claims that the leader is Venezuelan citizen Jose Arenas Losanger Segovia, however the cult’s website tells a different story, claiming that the chosen one is Spanish man, Ignacio Gonzalez de Arriba.


The website homepage looks to be incredibly simplistic and has a counter that claims that more than 12 million people have visited the site in 2012!! It is both distressing and confusing.

At the center of the page, it reads:

24 hours a day,
to a maximum of feeling! Using my symbols!
And for the record, officially bind this button to sign”

The institute has claimed that it filed a complaint about the cult over a year ago and was fully aware of the sexual slavery and forced labor going on there, however the authorities have only just taken action to break up the cult.

Myrna Garcia, an activist with the Support Network for Cult Victims told the press that Ignacio Gonzalez de Arriba had operated in Mexico, Brazil and several other parts of South America for approximately 3 years. It has been reported that he hosted courses in “bio-programming” whereby he allegedly gave followers the ability to erase pain, suffering and anxiety.

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