Metal Post Created To Help Sleepy Chinese Get Shuteye On The Go

Supporting the idea that Chinese people work so hard that they are too damn busy to sleep in their beds like most people, inventors have created the “Body Supporter” sleeping rack, so now they can catch some zzzzz’s whilst using public transport.

Recently we wrote about the numerous weird and wacky contraptions used by many Chinese people during their long train journeys up and down the country during the recent Year of the Snake festivities and this is definitely another one to add to that list.

The Body Supporter is basically a metal post with small platforms where the head and chest can be rested. Its creators even claim that it “is just like sleeping on your front in your actual bed.”

I suppose it might help stop you from inadvertently snuggling up to the stranger your sat beside and dribbling on the poor persons elbow and looks like a better alternative than bouncing your head off the window as you try to take a nap.


Source: Bit Rebels

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