Meet Ducey, The Rare Two-Faced ‘Janus’ Kitten Born In U.S

Dubbed ‘Janus’ cats, kittens born with two-faces are incredibly rare and when Stephanie Durkee’s kids first approached her and exclaimed that they had found one, she assumed that they were simply mistaken. But it turns out that the kids were right and Mrs Durkee has now adopted the tiny two-faced kitten which was rejected by its mother.

They have named the rare little critter Ducey and it has two faces, three eyes, two noses and two mouths!

Mrs Durkee said: “the kids actually found him. And they came in and said ‘Mom there’s a kitty with two heads’…And I said ‘I think you guys are just tired, you’re crazy. That doesn’t happen.’”


The family have since been keeping the newborn kitten in a drawer, using towels and heating pads to keep it warm and feeding it with a syringe. They have had little Ducey examined by a vet who has given it the all-clear, however ‘Janus’ cats have a shorter life-expectancy than that of a normal cat. Only a small number of ‘Janus’ cats make it to adulthood with the oldest known ‘Janus’ on record reaching 12-years of age.

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