McDonalds On The Mountainside And Other Bizarre Fast Food Locations

Those fast food giants are everywhere these days, if you’re in a city in the western world, the chances are you won’t have to go very far if you are trying to find one.

Some of the bigger shopping centres and malls even have two, three or sometimes four McDonald’s restaurants each! Every now and then though, you come across one somewhere, and think to yourself, ‘hmmmm, that really doesn’t look like it belongs there’, and as those fast food monoliths look to spread their wings and find places to put their restaurants to reach even more potential customers, the appearance of fast food chains in strange places, are on the increase!

Minyanville published a list of the 10 most bizarre fast food locations, below are the ones I felt were the weirdest!

Domino’s – The Moon

Don’t worry, this hasn’t actually happened yet, you didn’t miss some weird global evacuation to the moon. However, should it come about, you can rest contented that if we go to the moon, Domino’s will be there too and we won’t have to be pizzaless! Domino’s estimated that world’s first extraterrestrial pizza parlour would cost about $22.2billion – so keep ordering those extra side dishes people!

McDonald’s Beneath the Museum of Communism, Prague

The McDonald’s placed beneath the Museum of Communism in Prague, which used to be a part of communist ruled Czechoslovakia, is an almost perfect picture of irony in action! Communism did fall to capitalism and what better symbol of iconic western capitalism than McDonalds.

Burger King in Afghanistan

American troops in Afghanistan have been able to get that taste of home and enjoy a flame-grilled treat their way since autumn 2009, at one of the large US army bases in Afghanistan. There was a brief period in 2010 when the United States military said that they needed the space and ordered the fast food units off the base, but they have since reneged and let them back in again as a moral boost for homesick soldiers!

Starbucks -Beijing’s Forbidden City

In the year 2000, the Seattle-based coffee giants Starbucks opened a store in Beijing’s Forbidden City, and though many Chinese residents felt that it had no place in the ‘Son of Heaven’s’ former residence, it remained there until 2007, when Chinese TV personality Rui Chenggan started a movement calling for its removal. This movement wanted Starbucks gone from their sacred city on the grounds that it represented, ‘lower-middle-class culture in the West.’ They got their wish; the Forbidden City Starbucks is no more!

The Subway in the Sky

This vertically travelling food truck, sits in the construction zone of the World Trade Centre, and as each level is built and completed, it moves up to the next level, by means of a hydraulic lift. Because of this ingenious Subway station, the construction workers, who only get a short lunch break, do not have to dash up and down in and out of the skies to grab a quick bite to eat. Nor do they have to bug their partners to make them a packed lunch every day. This trusty Subway is right where it needs to be!

McDonald’s “Behind the Mosque” on King Faisal Causeway in Bahrain

The McDonald’s behind the mosque on the King Faisal Causeway that connects Bahrain’s man-made islands to Saudi Arabia prove just how far McDonald’s are willing to go to make sure that everyone can get their hands on a Big Mac should they so desire. The restaurant only serves Halal meat, and there are directions from the mosque so hungry worshippers can find their way there!

KFC in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal, famous for being a spiritual haven, and for the picturesque scenery provided by the world’s tallest mountains, now has its own KFC and Pizza Hut. The stores did so well in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu that they since spread their wings to three other cities!

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