McAfee Interview: “I Don’t Care If People Think I’m Crazy”

Controversial anti-virus mogul John McAfee has given a fascinating interview to KATU’s Emily Sinovic in which he elaborates on the unusual occurrences that have taken place in his life over the last few months.
Anyone who has been following his bizarre tale, whether they believe McAfee to be a paranoid lunatic or someone who has been unfairly persecuted, will be intrigued by the insights in this interview.

Sinovic met with McAfee in downtown Portland, near the hotel where he is currently staying and she asked him numerous difficult questions. In the video segment of the interview, McAfee responds to Sinovic’s question regarding his keenly disputed sanity, by stating “I think most people think I’m crazy.” But McAfee claims to be ok with this, because people’s opinions change so rapidly and dramatically that he believes the public’s feelings about him will alter once they have all the information.

Sinovic also asked him about whether he was succeeding in getting his “message out there” or whether he believed the media was twisting what he had to say. To this, McAfee responded with:
“Oh the media has no clue.” Later on in the interview, he went into more detail about why he isn’t particularly fond of the press, comparing them to “a pack of starving sharks” but stating that he believed Portland’s press to be an exception.
He then went on to elaborate on his latest blog post in which he introduced his “Girls” – the team of women he had helping him uncover information on the corruption in Belize. He said that there was strong links between the Belize government and Hezbollah terrorists and stated that the Belizean authorities had been giving them new identities for many years.

He said that the reason the Belizean authorities went after him was because he refused to pay them the 2 million dollars they wanted for the UDP (the political party in power) and threw them off his property. He said that after he refused to hand over the cash, authorities turned up at his property, shot his dogs, raided his home (taking half a million dollars worth of stuff) and then implicated him in the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull. It was from this point on that McAfee said his “life became hell.”

Responding to Sinovic’s question about whether he seeks out the “shock factor” when elaborating on his experiences, McAfee said: “If it doesn’t happen automatically, I create it, of course. I have a story to tell and I can’t tell it if people don’t listen and people will not listen if it’s a sweet story. People don’t like sweet – not for long. They like the tension, tragedy and catastrophe. It’s just the nature of the human being.”

He also said that he believed his “crazy tag” had gone as far as it could for the time being and said he was going to “start acting sane for a while and maybe bring out some humor.”

You can read more from his fascinating interview with Sinovic here.

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