Obituary For Matt Groening’s Mom Shows How The Simpsons Is A Tribute To His Family

On the 22nd April 2013, The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening lost his mother, who passed away at the age of 94. In an Oregon publication obituary, it is possible to see that Matt named several of the characters in the hugely successful show after members of his own family.

As Margaret “Marge” Groening’s obituary shows, Matt’s father was called Homer, he has sisters called Maggie and Lisa and Aunt Patty is named after his eldest sister who passed away in January.

The Wiggum family, which includes the bumbling police detective and his painfully stupid son Ralph, take their name from Margaret Groening’s maiden name.

In the obituary, it states that high school valedictorian and Miss Everett, Margaret chose to marry classmate Homer, because he made her laugh the most. Which, I guess is a little how Marge and Homer Simpson ended up getting together!

I wonder how many other extended family members and friends were inspirations for Simpsons characters!

Source: Reddit

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