The Mashed Potato Vending Machine – Yes It Really Does Exist!

Vending machines can be super handy for helping you get your hands on a quick snack or soda, but these days the creators of vending machines are getting a little bit more inventive with the kind of products you can get out of them.

Possibly not quite as delightfully weird as A1 Concepts ‘Let’s Pizza’ machine or the live crab vending machine that you might spot lurking in a secret location unbeknown to animal rights activists in China, but Maggi’s mashed potato vending machine is definitely worthy of a mention!

This particular machine shown in the YouTube clip is located in a 7-eleven store in Singapore, but according to the store reps they are pretty popular!!

So now, mashed potato fans can satisfy their cravings for this delightful mushy treat on the go, straight from a vending machine. You can even get it with lashings of gravy too!
Strangely the Maggi machine also has an option for BBQ Mashed Potato – if anyone has actually tried that please let us know what the hell that’s about!!

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