Manhattan Mini Apartment Can Be 6 Rooms From 1 Morphing Space

This video takes you on a guided tour of the LifeEdited apartment in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood. It is actually tiny – just 420 square feet but because of the way it is designed using multifunctional furniture – the space can morph into 6 different rooms!

Moving walls, hideaway beds and foldaway office furniture means that the small space can be 2 separate offices, sleeping quarters for 4 people, or become a dining room that can seat 12!

This incredible multifunctional apartment is the brainchild of TreeHugger founder Graham Hill. When he bought the flat in 2010 it was a complete disaster area, full of clutter, dilapidated and a real unsightly, claustrophobic mess. Since then though, it has been completely transformed into this amazingly useful space that really does appear to be much bigger than it actually is!

Tiny Apartment

The video tour by faircompanies shows you all the tiny apartment’s wondrous features, so if you are looking for space saving ideas for your own home or work space then this is definitely worth watching.

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